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LASIK is More Affordable Than You Think!

Say farewell to glasses and contact lenses with LASIK surgery, and our dedicated eye care team in The Woodlands can prove that it's a financially savvy choice in the long run.

The Math Behind LASIK

Data from consumer information in the United States reveals that individuals who require vision correction spend an average of $500 annually on eye exams, glasses replacements, repairs, contact lenses, and related expenses. In contrast, those without vision correction needs spend just around $100.

When you add up these numbers over a lifetime, the difference becomes even more apparent:

Consider a person who wears vision correction from the age of 20 to 80; they would spend approximately $30,000 on glasses or contacts throughout their life.

However, that same individual could undergo LASIK (averaging around $5,000) and only spend $6,000 on eye care over the next 60 years. That totals just $11,000, resulting in savings of $19,000!

Understanding these figures is crucial because studies show that up to 75% of glasses or contacts wearers have contemplated LASIK but are deterred by cost. Yet, as we've demonstrated, LASIK is actually the more cost-effective choice!

Is Cost Holding You Back?

If the expense of LASIK has been the final barrier preventing you from ditching your glasses or contacts for good, we invite you to visit our eye care clinic or contact us at 281-363-4362. We can discuss financing options and potential insurance coverage to help make LASIK a reality for you.


Is LASIK Suitable for Me?

LASIK is an excellent option if you desire freedom from glasses or contacts. If you are over 18, have a stable prescription, and do not have significant underlying eye conditions, LASIK may be a suitable choice. Your eye doctor will assess your eyes thoroughly to make a final determination.

Is LASIK a Permanent Vision Correction Solution?

The benefits of LASIK do not diminish over time. However, it's important to note that certain conditions like presbyopia or diseases such as cataracts can develop later on, potentially affecting your vision. Nonetheless, your eyesight will still be better than it would have been without LASIK.

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