A Good Vision means more than 20/20


At Child and Family Eye Care, we truly care about the health of your eyes. Our team is dedicated to providing a comprehensive eye health and vision examination.

    Children's Vision Care

    Improve school performance and hand-eye coordination in infants, toddlers, and school-age children.

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    Comprehensive Eye Exams

    Primary eye care includes a comprehensive vision and eye health examination. This examination is designed to detect a wide range of problems affecting vision function, such as blurred vision or eye discomfort

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    Eyewear & Contacts

    We provide high-quality frames and lenses for lifestyle, occupational, and recreational needs as well as comprehensive cornea and contact lens care.

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    Myopia Control Program

    The doctors at Child and Family Eye Care will determine which methods are the best fit for your child based on prescription and lifestyle, and monitor change over time with the goal of minimizing myopic progression and decreasing the risk of myopia related eye disease.


    Some of our services includes:

    Computer Assisted Refraction
    Digital Retinal Photographs
    Computer Assisited Peripheral Vision Analysis
    Neurosensory Pupil Evaluation
    Intraocular Pressure Reading
    Eye Muscle Balance Testing
    Color Vision Testing

    External Eye Health Exams Include:

    Eyelid/Eyelash Evaluation
    Conjuctival Evaluation
    Cornea Evaluation
    Iris Evaluation
    Anterior Chamber Evaluation
    Intraocular Lens Evaluation
    And Much More….

    Internal Eye Health Exams Include:

    Vitreous Evaluation
    Optic Nerve Analysis
    Macula Evaluation
    Retinal Vasculature Evaluation
    Peripheral Retinal Evaluation
    And Much More…..

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