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Prescription Eyeglasses & Lenses

The effectiveness of your eyeglass lenses in correcting your vision relies on their stable position in front of your eyes. That’s why the care and maintenance of your eyeglass frames play a vital role in preserving their functionality. Safeguarding and properly maintaining your frames is essential to ensure optimal vision correction.

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Many people underestimate the importance of proper alignment for their eyeglass frames. However, eye care professionals thoroughly check and recheck the positioning of frames to ensure they suit the individual’s face shape and size. It is crucial for the correct part of the lens to align properly in front of the eye for optimal vision correction.

Taking care of your eyeglass frames and ensuring their protection is not a time-consuming task. It is a sensible routine that helps maintain clear vision.

When it comes to caring for your prescription lenses, there is a simple rule to follow for years of optimal performance: Keep your eyeglasses in a case when you’re not wearing them. Although many of us fail to consistently follow this rule, the following lens care and maintenance tips can greatly contribute to preserving your eye health and vision.

Maintaining clean and protected glasses

Simplicity is key when it comes to keeping your glasses in pristine condition. Eye care professionals recommend gently rubbing your prescription eyeglass lenses with your fingertips using warm, soapy water to clean them. After rinsing, pat them dry with a soft, clean cloth.

To effectively remove dirt and dust, consider using ultra-fine, machine-washable microfiber lens cleaning cloths available from optical suppliers. Avoid using rags, facial tissues, or paper towels, as they can potentially scratch your lenses. Additionally, it is important to steer clear of household cleaners, acetone, or cream-based soaps, as they can cause damage to your frames.

Investing in a durable protective case for storage is essential. By storing your lenses in a sturdy case when not in use, you significantly reduce the risk of scratches on your lenses. Proper storage also helps keep your prescription eyeglass lenses clean and safeguards your valuable frames. Remember to never leave your prescription glasses unprotected in a purse, pocket, or bag.

Handle with care

When you need to set your glasses down, it’s important to do so with caution. If you’re placing them on a table or desk, make sure to close the frames first before laying them down. Always place them with the frame-side down to prevent any scratches on the lenses. Avoid leaving your glasses on the floor as it’s not a safe location. In the bathroom, be mindful that sinks or vanity tops can expose your lenses to spatters, sprays, and cosmetic products that can soil them. Additionally, be cautious of using hairsprays or perfume near glasses with anti-reflective (AR) treatments, as they can damage the coating.

Wearing glasses on your nose, not your head, is ideal. Prescription eyeglass lenses are specifically designed to rest on your nose in front of your eyes, not on top of your head. Placing them on your head can cause misalignment of the frames, which can affect the effectiveness of even the cleanest lenses. Remember to keep your glasses properly positioned in front of your eyes for optimal vision correction.