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Why refer to us?

You will always get your patient back & any prescription write-up will go to you.

Make a Referral

To initiate a referral, please provide us with the patient’s name, phone number, reason for referral, and a copy of their most recent comprehensive eye exam.

If you have an adult patient with a stroke or brain injury, we recommend referring them to us before prescribing any treatment.

We provide specialized prescriptions for patients with visual awareness and gait issues, including customized lenses, prisms, tints, and occlusion. These personalized lens systems have the potential to create significant and rapid improvements for the patient.


If you have reached a point where you feel like you have explored all possible options to help your patient, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Allow us to assist your patient in maximizing their visual skills and unlocking their full potential.


What Do We Treat?

  • Our personalized program utilizes vision therapy techniques to synchronize the collaboration between the eyes and brain.
  • It cultivates and strengthens fundamental visual skills and capabilities.
  • Enhances eye tracking, eye teaming, convergence, focusing, and visual processing abilities.
  • Conducted under the careful guidance and supervision of our experienced optometrists.
  • Tailored to address the specific requirements of each individual patient.
  • Comprises a combination of in-office sessions and at-home exercises to ensure comprehensive progress.

Be a hero.

By referring your patients to a specialist who can profoundly impact their lives, your dedication will always be cherished and remembered.


Does your patient…

  1. Experiencing eye discomfort that doesn’t improve despite trying different dry eye treatments? It could indicate a potential binocular problem.
  2. Struggling with reading, homework, or exhibiting a poor attention span? Frequently skipping words or lines while reading or confusing letters like b, d, p, and q?
  3. Experiencing eyestrain or headaches during school work or computer use? Facing difficulty maintaining eye contact?
  4. Having trouble catching or hitting a ball during sports activities? Recently experienced a concussion or traumatic brain injury?

Vision therapy can help

  • Children with learning issues and visual challenges.
  • Individuals, both children and adults, experience visual discomfort.
  • Children and adults with amblyopia (lazy eye).
  • Convergence insufficiency (CI) cases in children and adults.
  • Children and adults with strabismus (eye turn).
  • Enhancing sports performance through vision training.
  • Patients with double vision, dizziness, and balance issues.
  • Addressing visual challenges in individuals with special needs such as autism and developmental delays.
  • Brain injury, concussion & strokes
  • Binocular vision problems