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Can Vision Therapy Benefit A Child With a Learning Disability?

Vision therapy has long been recognized as an effective treatment for children with visual challenges, such as strabismus, amblyopia, and visual processing disorders.

Research reveals a strong correlation between visual problems and learning disabilities, often leading to misdiagnoses like ADHD. To unravel whether visual issues coexist with learning disabilities or mimic their symptoms, schedule a functional vision test at Child & Family Eye Care in The Woodlands. Vision therapy targets the root cause, empowering your child to thrive academically.

Understanding Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities are neurological disorders that hinder a child's information processing and comprehension. Difficulties may arise in writing, reading, attention span, memory retention, organization, and mathematics.

Visual system problems share many of these symptoms. When a child's eyes fail to function in harmony, reading, concentrating, and completing homework become arduous tasks. Frustration and behavioral issues may manifest at school.

Thankfully, vision therapy can address visual skill and processing problems.

Unveiling Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is a specialized program designed to enhance visual skills such as focus, eye tracking, visual processing speed, eye-hand coordination, and eye teaming. Utilizing filters, prisms, lenses, and targeted exercises, vision therapy strengthens the connection between the brain and eyes.

By seeking vision therapy for your child, you can address visual issues that may masquerade as learning disabilities.

Targeted Vision Therapy Benefits

Vision therapy proves invaluable for children diagnosed with learning disabilities, specifically by targeting visual processing disorders. These impairments impact how the brain processes visual information, resulting in difficulties with writing, reading, and retaining information.

Additionally, vision therapy improves deficient eye tracking and eye teaming skills, enabling better focus over extended periods. It empowers children to effortlessly track text and moving objects.

Enhanced coordination and spatial awareness are additional advantages, facilitating engagement in art and sports—an essential aspect of socializing with peers.

Schedule a Vision Therapy Consultation

While vision therapy cannot cure learning disabilities, it can alleviate underlying visual issues that contribute to your child's academic and athletic challenges.

If you suspect a learning disability, ensure your child undergoes a comprehensive visual assessment. Book a functional eye exam at Child & Family Eye Care in The Woodlands today.

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