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How Much Do Scleral Contacts Cost?

Scleral lenses differ from regular contact lenses as they require custom fitting for each individual's eye. This process demands extensive training for optometrists, specialized equipment, and multiple visits to achieve the best fit. In addition to the fitting process, patients must be trained on proper care, insertion, and removal of scleral lenses. Consequently, professional fees associated with fitting scleral lenses are higher compared to traditional contact lenses.

Our optometric team at will be happy to discuss your specific costs and payment options based on your individual needs.

Does Insurance Cover The Costs Of Scleral Lenses?

While scleral lenses are not automatically covered by vision or medical insurance, most insurance plans will reimburse the costs when they are deemed medically necessary. However, rates and restrictions for coverage can vary significantly between different vision insurance providers.

At our practice, we are here to assist you in navigating the process of applying your insurance benefits to your scleral lenses. It's important to keep in mind that insurance policies vary widely, and we cannot guarantee the exact amount of coverage you will receive from your provider.

It's worth noting that scleral lenses, being hard lenses, have a significantly longer lifespan compared to soft contact lenses. Despite potentially higher costs, the numerous benefits and durability of scleral lenses make them a worthwhile investment.

What Happens During a Scleral Lens Fitting?

  • Consultation and testing (Digital Imaging)
  • Measurement and fitting
  • Dispensing of the lens
  • Training on how to care, insert and remove the lenses.
  • Follow up(s) for micro-adjustments

Are Scleral Lenses Custom Fit?

At our practice, our custom-designed scleral lenses, developed using advanced technology, are specifically tailored to match the unique contours of your eyes. Using a topographer, we digitally map out the precise dimensions and shape of your eyes, ensuring a perfect fit that maximizes both comfort and visual acuity. The level of precision we achieve is truly microscopic, resulting in exceptional quality and performance.

Our patients are often amazed by the immense relief they experience when they realize that they can effectively manage conditions like keratoconus and other corneal issues without the need for surgery. It's a testament to the effectiveness and success of our custom scleral lenses.

We proudly serve patients from The Woodlands, Magnolia, Shenandoah, Tomball, and the surrounding communities, providing top-quality eye care and personalized solutions.

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